A New Voice Among the Old

Tomorrow is my daughter’s birthday, about which I have written before. The day she was born was frosty and the night was clear with a full moon. Restless owls hooted among the trees, a fox barked in the distance, and the wind roaring in the chimney caused a shiver of hot cinders. All of these late autumn noises were drowned out by the ambulance siren on the journey of forty odd miles to the Coombe Maternity Hospital in Dublin.

Throughout the night, above the sounds of birth, I could still hear the wind peppering the windows with leaves.

And then there was her cry, a new voice among the old.

little bubbles grow
gurgle of living water
before winter’s freeze

Kim M. Russell, 22nd November 2022

Today is Haibun Monday at the dVerse Poets Pub and Linda brings us aki no koe (Autumn’s Voice) with a haiku from Basho, who created the haibun form. Linda has also provided some guidelines for those writers who are not familiar with haibun.

She says that we are focusing on autumn sounds, such as rustling leaves, a late emerging cicada, crickets, an unexpected breeze, a crow’s call, etc.


32 thoughts on “A New Voice Among the Old

    1. Thank you, Björn. Now I have the new voices of my grandsons to enjoy. I am going to see Lucas playing a donkey in his first nativity play in just over a week’s time.


    1. Thank you, Jane. Louie arrived on 31st October at 11.03. He had hair! Ellen had none until she was two and Lucas was the same. They had to take Louie to have his tongue-tie cut today as it was causing problems with feeding – he’s had hiccups every day since he was born!


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