The third unsuccessful poem In a covert patch Amongst cornfields Flowers of radiant yellow Turn buds skywards Tracking the sun From east to west   September And yellow-rayed faces Of fibonacci spirals No longer teased By bees Face only east   They are short-lived Growing heavy-headed Threatened by the distant Thrumming of birds That swoop […]

A Seaside Sonnet

The second of the three unsuccessful poems I dig my toes in shifting grains of sand, Eroded rock, disintegrated shell, Let shingle drift away from palm of hand To land in foaming lace of ocean’s swell. By increments surrounded by the tide, That ebbs and flows and rises to my thigh, I am enchanted by […]

Sun in January

This poem was inspired by an image posted by Paul Militaru, which he has kindly allowed me to use.  Sunlight splinters the skin The membrane of water That keeps energy in Allows pebbles to skim And light to ricochet Blazing a dazzling way Across ripples and waves To the edge of the lake Or even […]