Our garden makes me smile

Every tree is a miracle: the ancient birch with 
vector branches, silver bark and overgrown
elephantine trunk; the curly willow,
recently pollarded,
younger and more strident;
the quince, plum, apple and cherry; the prickly  
holly, the tree that heralds thunderstorms.
In an arrangement of fairy stairwells, sulphur mushrooms rise from
networks below the soil, blending with the burgeoning
green. Paradise means garden.

In this patchwork place, flowers glimmer:
sharp, pointed petals straddle disturbed earth 

gazing at the sky like stranded starfish.
Overhead, a wild river of feathers
infiltrates the air, wheeling and pouring 
noisily into the sky, a flock of migrating
geese, calligraphers of the victorious vee. 

Today, there is sunshine, and a gentle breeze
oscillates late daffodils, from which rise a pair of

bees, their hum a bass line to the chirrs and flickers
erupting from nature’s music box.  

All along the garden boundary, 
miniature forests of nettles 
arise, full of the zingy
zephyr of spring; pale thistles nod
in agreement with the bluest speedwells 
and blushing primulas nestling between

Kim M. Russell, 13th April 2022

On the thirteenth day of NaPoWriMo, the challenge is to write a poem that, like the example poem, joyfully states both in the poem and in the title that ‘Everything is Going to Be Amazing’. As it says in the prompt: “Sometimes, good fortune can seem impossibly distant, but even if you can’t drum up the enthusiasm to write yourself a riotous pep-talk, perhaps you can muse on the possibility of good things coming down the track.” I wrote an acrostic using the title words.

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