Early December

bare branches a painting against the blue sky leaves under my feet Yozakura crisp with early morning frost breathing foggy dragon-breath each crystal dewdrop reflects a frozen landscape cold microcosms decorate a spider’s web spun across the garden gate dandelion clocks delicate glassy seed-heads frozen in time while leaves crunch under my feet branches bear […]

Robin in the Garden

between yellow leaves little beady-eyed head cocked curious robin he flits from hedgerow to tree scanning for a juicy worm tiny tracks in snow leading to a holly bush blush of camouflage an overwintering guest he shelters in flowerpots romancing his mate perched upon a wheelbarrow song-trilling red breast pecking at cherry blossom among yellow […]

One Starry Night

one starry night to make that one painting – the rustling leaves                          Chėvrefeuille (2014) silent comets fall to earth illuminating willows leaves and branches blaze bright and silver with starlight under the moon’s eye only trunks lie in shadow holding up the studded sky an owl screeches breaking the starstruck silence sharp talons ready its […]


celebration finally the snow has gone early plum blossom opening tiny bud fists a flutter of petal hands convocation drowsy daffodils raise heads tickled by the sun trumpets glisten with fresh dew heralding silent fanfares jubilation from freshly festooned branches solo blackbird voice bird and human together rejoice in the spring garden Kim M. Russell, […]

Autumn River Song

riversong wind blown from autumn trees a stream of gold                                        © Jane Reichhold ripe notes of nuts and berries eddy in a whirl of leaves weeping skies rain soaks fallen foliage diluting colour russet fading into grey seasonal evanescence bonfires burn detritus and dank decay curling on the air musical sigh of the breeze comforting […]