Robin in the Garden

between yellow leaves
little beady-eyed head cocked
curious robin

he flits from hedgerow to tree
scanning for a juicy worm

tiny tracks in snow
leading to a holly bush
blush of camouflage

an overwintering guest
he shelters in flowerpots

romancing his mate
perched upon a wheelbarrow
song-trilling red breast

pecking at cherry blossom
among yellow daffodils

Kim M. Russell, 25th October 2019

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My response to Carpe Diem #1769 free choice of prompt plus Soliloquy No Renga

Today we have a so-called free choice episode with a twist, in which we choose your own little creatures, write a haiku and create a solo-renga (soliloquy no renga) of at least six stanzas with it.

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