Beautiful Ugliness

unworthy to look at
beautiful ugliness                                       Yozakura

shelter from the pouring rain
welcome shadow in the sun                     Kim M. Russell, 2nd May 2019

Image result for banana tree in the rain
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My response to Carpe Diem #1655 Tan Renga Challenge (2) Beautiful Ugliness

This month we are creating short chained verses or Tan Renga, which are a lot like tanka, but instead of being written by one haiku poet they are written by two haiku poets – the smallest form of a chained verse.

For today’s Tan Renga Challenge we have a haiku by a not so well known haiku poet and contemporary of Matsuo Basho: Yozakura , the Unknown Haiku Poet.

Chèvrefeuille has given us the background to this poem, which refers to a banana tree (a basho) which was presented to Matsuo Basho by one of his disciples; from that moment on he changed his name to Basho and his home was called ‘Basho-an’ – the banana tree cottage. The first haiku he wrote as Basho was apparently one about planting a banana tree.

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