Infused with Jasmine

sweet reflections
willow in a crystal brook
infused with jasmine

sweet reflections
leaves stirred by the ebb and flow
drifting memories

willow in a crystal brook
its branches bent and dripping
the weight of water

infused with jasmine
green leaves and shadows shimmer
merging with time

Kim M. Russell, 14th October 2018

Image result for Japanese paintings and artwork willows reflected in water

My response to Carpe Diem Weekend Meditation #54 Crossroads Crystal Brook (troiku)

In this weekend’s meditation we have an all new episode of the special feature ‘Carpe Diem Crossroads’, in which we create a new haiku (ONLY haiku) inspired by two or more poems, for example two haiku, one haiku and one tanka, or one haiku and a sedoka. We have to create your new ‘fusion’ haiku from the given poems:

crystal brook
reflects the willow trees
birds sing their song

sweet perfume
memories of a loved one
Jasmine blossom

© Yozakura

For this weekend meditation, the challenge has a twist: we also have to create a Troiku with our ‘fusion’ haiku.

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