Spring Cleaning

night thaws to morning
the clean broom of spring snowfall
sweeping cold from stones

night thaws to morning
a rim of frost on the grass
turning to dew

the clean broom of spring snowfall
biting wind and ice
gentled by the sun

sweeping cold from stones
leaves a wake of greenery
a morning bouquet

Kim M. Russell, 23rd February 2020

Image result for free images snow melting on stones with green shoots
Free image found on Pxfuel

My response to Carpe Diem Weekend Meditation #117: the cold night

This weekend our meditation challenge is to create a ‘fusion-ku’ from two given haiku and then, from the ‘fusion-ku’, create a troika:

spring snow
purifies earth and heaven
our enemies perish

Mizuhara Shûôshi

 the cold night
comes out of the stones
all morning

Jim Kacian

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