the new-born arrives
wrapped in stormy clouds and waves
a precious life

the new-born arrives
with wrinkles and eyes shut tight
an ancient soul

wrapped in stormy clouds and waves
long-awaited cry
stirs a mother’s love

a precious life
the first part of their journey

Kim M. Russell, 17th January 2020

Image result for newborn baby hand gripping mother's finger"

My response to Carpe Diem #1799 New Beginnings: a huge wave (Crossroads feature)

Today we have two haiku written by Jane Reichhold, from which to create a ‘fusion-ku’ and then, from that ‘fusion-ku’ a troiku:

a huge wave
thundering across the beach
my birthday

the new-born comes wrapped
in previous lives

Jane Reichhold (taken from her online Saijik, A Dictionary Of Haiku, section ‘New Year’)

9 thoughts on “Sky-clad

  1. Everyone always remarked on how aware of everything my son seemed even from the first moments of his birth. He’s something of an old soul. Beautifully written poem.

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