Preparatory Sketch – a poem in Visual Verse

I’m happy to have started the poetic year with a poem in the January 2020  issue, Vol. 7, Chapter 3 of the online Visual Verse anthology. You can find my poem on page 27 or you can link directly to the poem, entitled ‘Preparatory Sketch’.

Also linked to Poets and Storytellers United Writers’ Pantry.

28 thoughts on “Preparatory Sketch – a poem in Visual Verse

    1. Thank you, Rosemary. It seemed tricky when I first saw it, but her expression have me the initial idea and the poem wrote itself. I even managed to finish it in the hour we are given.


  1. Wowww!! Many many hearty congratulations, Kim!!! 💝

    A most phenomenal poem with various hues and strong, captivating imagery 😀 I must have read it more than four times now. Especially love; “the scratching of charcoal and the gush of air from his lips
    punctuating periods of concentration.”💝 *swooon*

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  2. Congratulations, Kim! I love how well your poem addresses the glare the girl is wearing. Rarely do we think about the subject of a painting. Thank you for this great back story.

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    1. Thank you! The images over at Visual Verse are varied and unusual, and I never know what to expect. They give us an hour to write a poem or a piece of prose, and I find it’s usually a gut reaction. It was the girl’s expression that spoke to me.


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