The Full Moon of Brighton

In the whining draughts

Of my grandparents’ house

When I was very small,

I’d sit on my potty by the open fire,

Safe from the bathroom’s arctic chill.

My grandfather would return from work

With the offer of a cuddle and a smile;

I’d jump into his arms, flashing a sighting

Of my bare derriere, my full moon of Brighton!


© Kim M. Russell, 2016

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20 thoughts on “The Full Moon of Brighton

    1. I’ve been trying to find out where the saying ‘full moon of Brighton’ comes from. I have a strong suspicion it’s from an old music hall song as it’s one of my grandfather’s sayings..


  1. Ha.. love a good detective challenge..
    there is a Full Moon named Bar
    in Brighton of the United Kingdom
    and sure.. the full moon iN
    general.. is linked
    with wild
    and free..
    children feral
    as moonlight
    wolves children..
    so.. perhaps your
    Grandfather made this
    one up from similar free
    associations.. of cultural
    reaLiTy in moonliGht wayS..
    in the United Kingdom of the
    Full Moon Bar iN Brighton way..;)

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      1. We have McGuire’s
        Irish pub here.. My
        Grandfather.. A Native
        Of Ireland.. and
        If i was
        i would
        Create and
        Lead the Song..
        Before age 53.. Never….
        Life can and Will get
        Better with Art..
        That is
        My middle name..;)

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