North Norfolk Mammoth (reprise)

Amongst mounds of stones and sand at the foot

Of crumbling cliffs, where Norfolk juts its chin,

Stubborn and defiant as King Canute

Watching the waves roll out and crash back in

On flat landscape from Yarmouth to King’s Lynn,

A rich treasury of ancient fossils,

Cached by glaciers in the primeval

Landscape almost a million years ago,

Was finally exposed by North Sea storms:

A megafauna’s gargantuan bones

That over centuries were washed and worn,

Bared and bleached on a lonely wind-swept beach,

Buoyed by a lullaby of waves and gulls,

A male Steppe Mammoth with an ancient soul.

© Kim M. Russell, 2016

The West Runton Elephant

Image found on

My response to imaginary garden with real toads FASHION ME YOUR WORDS ~ TO A MEGAFAUNA, where we are writing a poem in no more than 100 words about any megafauna of our choice, living or extinct. I have chosen to rewrite a cleave poem I posted on 1st April about the West Runton Mammoth that died approx. 700,000 years ago and was discovered and excavated between 1990 and 1995. It is now on display in Norwich Castle Museum and Art Gallery.

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