First Glimpse

We were new to the North Norfolk coast and couldn’t agree what we loved the most: the flatness of the landscape, the drama of the clouds, the wind so loud, the skies so wide and flaming with gorgeous sunsets and expansive star-filled nights. In the charcoal-shadowed garden, listening to the sea beyond the dunes, I […]

North Norfolk Mammoth (reprise)

Amongst mounds of stones and sand at the foot Of crumbling cliffs, where Norfolk juts its chin, Stubborn and defiant as King Canute Watching the waves roll out and crash back in On flat landscape from Yarmouth to King’s Lynn, A rich treasury of ancient fossils, Cached by glaciers in the primeval Landscape almost a […]

Overcast on the Norfolk Coast

Ominous under a rain-speckled sky, Lilac-coloured flowers of salsify Bloom among the grasses In moody bird-haunted marshes, Where oystercatchers pipe on the tideline. In the morning drizzle, on a ghostly coast, Wind jangles masts and rigging on boats, Whistles in sea-bleached branches and reeds, And chattering sedge warblers root in the weeds. On a beach […]

North Norfolk Mammoth

My response to Jane Dougherty’s Poetry challenge #24: Cleave poem and  dVerse Poets Pub Open Link Night #169    At the feet of crumbling cliffs / Norfolk juts its chin at the North Sea Below sand and gravel / stubborn and defiant as Canute Deposited by glaciers / in the flattened landscape Over a million years ago […]

Sea Birds

Along the shingly shore And further up the creek Swoop black-backed gulls Spearing silver fish in lethal beaks On the apron of marshland Redshanks pipe nervously Long skeins of geese Lace the cloudy sky And wigeon wing hurriedly In twos and threes Heading Farther out To sea   © Kim M. Russell, 2016 Image of Spotted Redshank […]