Into the Sea

We are crumbling, eroding into ­                       the sea with our pigmentations of blue, brown and green, accompanied by a withering wind and scent of rain. Dithering on mouldering marsh and ­                                […]


Once upon a North Sea cliff, fragile skeletons chalky white and ghosts of spiralling ammonites exploded by the waterside. Teased by waves and torn by tides, the behemoth spilled its insides: with salty gush and rocky rumble, the towering cliffs began to tumble. Strewn among the shells and pebbles, bleached by sun and washed by […]

North Norfolk Mammoth (reprise)

Amongst mounds of stones and sand at the foot Of crumbling cliffs, where Norfolk juts its chin, Stubborn and defiant as King Canute Watching the waves roll out and crash back in On flat landscape from Yarmouth to King’s Lynn, A rich treasury of ancient fossils, Cached by glaciers in the primeval Landscape almost a […]

North Norfolk Mammoth

My response to Jane Dougherty’s Poetry challenge #24: Cleave poem and  dVerse Poets Pub Open Link Night #169    At the feet of crumbling cliffs / Norfolk juts its chin at the North Sea Below sand and gravel / stubborn and defiant as Canute Deposited by glaciers / in the flattened landscape Over a million years ago […]