Crumbling into the sea,
we grasp our inheritance.
The one remaining link
lies deep beneath the waves:
Doggerland, a path that
mammoths dared to tread
before extinction.
Thousands of years dead,
bones are their only testament:
phosphorus to fertilise
our green and pleasant

Kim M. Russell, 23rd September 2019

Image result for Norfolk mammoth crossing doggerland
Image found on Pinterest

My response to dVerse Poets Pub Quadrille: And the word is…

Linda is our host for this week’s Quadrille, in which we write a poem of 44 words exactly including the given word: extinction. I’ve taken an older, longer poem, originally posted last March, and reduced it to 44 words.

35 thoughts on “Mammoth

  1. the mammoth….the dinosaurs…..the carnage…..I think of the poachers leaving elephant carcases minus their tusks….the earth’s fertilizers. One wonders with climate change, oceans rising, water temperatures rising, how many more extinct species will occur under humanity’s reign…until humanity becomes the fertilizer as well?

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  2. Very compelling, Kim. It just occurred to me while reading this that the Earth doesn’t have much allegiance to us humans. When she’s done with us she’ll shake us off like a bothersome flea and then commence to rebuild herself.

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