Swimming in Green

Workaday realities disappear,
bright bubbles in a flashflood of birdsong,
and the garden becomes a shady mere,
green ripples that echo all summer long.                             l
Peace creeps from grass to leaf to tree, along
each branch, farther than any wings can reach,
way over the top of the silver beech,
from which a sole premature foliole,
like a starfish riding waves to a beach,
shimmering with sunshine, begins to fall.

Kim M. Russell, 18th July 2019


My response to dVerse Poetry Pub Poetry Form: The Dizain

This week Rosemary is here to share one of her favourite forms. I’ve never come across the name before, but I might have written one without knowing.

33 thoughts on “Swimming in Green

    1. I have to admit, I was p!eased with the starfish. I’m not keen on writing to form; I prefer seeing where a poem takes me. But I did quite like this form.😊


    1. Thank you, Glenn. I’m looking through the window at dew soaked grass – meadow not lawn – trees and their shadows dappled by the sun, and I pray things get turned around before it’s too late.


  1. I like the way the garden becomes a metaphor for the ocean, or the other way round. I’m sure there’s a technical term for that. So evocative of shadiness, and the way the light is dappled by leaves, and then that reminder of transience. Lovely write.

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    1. Thank you, Sarah. I just got back from visiting Ellen and Lucas, and am catching up with reading and writing. Luckily I prepared my Prosery piece before I left. 😉


  2. kaykuala

    Peace creeps from grass to leaf to tree, along
    each branch, farther than any wings can reach,

    If only peace can be achieved in uncomplicated ways that progress bit by bit to eventually sustain. No, it is so elusive!


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