Summer Fix

In blades of grass and leaves I feel the ebb and flow of chlorophyll, everything is soaked in bliss, fixed green by photosynthesis. Mother Nature welcomes June, she lights the fuse to start the fun with golden bursts of dandelions celebrating in the sun. Kim M. Russell, 18th May 2020 My response to dVerse poets […]

Swimming in Green

Workaday realities disappear, bright bubbles in a flashflood of birdsong, and the garden becomes a shady mere, green ripples that echo all summer long.                             l Peace creeps from grass to leaf to tree, along each branch, farther than any wings can reach, way over the top of the silver beech, from which a sole premature […]

The Privilege of Green

Once I walked among dusty cars, along crowded streets, hemmed in by buildings and a depression of sky. I had the freedom, the privilege to choose green. Fields, trees and lush leaves are all that crowd me now, and the sky, although not green, stretches its hugeness to infinity. Kim M. Russell, 18th February 2019 […]