Shadows of Green

My response to dVerse Poets Pub Quadrille 9 – green

100_0719 (2)

Emerald light

Filtered through foliage

Transmutes into shadows of green,

A mute cocoon of verdant solitude,

A shroud unseen.

Words are leaves that fly,

Animated by breath of breeze

To stop mouths and ears of passers-by,

Who don’t see

The poet under the tree.


© Kim M. Russell, 2016



34 thoughts on “Shadows of Green

  1. I specially love: Words are leaves that fly ~

    I think most people don’t see poets, but it is our words that will get us noticed or not, maybe ~

    Have a wonderful week Kim ~

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    1. Hi Kat and thank you for your kind words. Although it’s been overcast here today, thankfully it hasn’t rained. I took some photographs in Vienna last week and bought some postcards at the Belvedere, which I hope will inspire some poems this week. Then it’s off to Italy at the end of next week for my daughter’s wedding. 😊

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      1. take some wonderful pictures there in Italy I always loved a few of the cities there wish I could go back to Florence and retake a few I lost in a fire can’t replace them can’t go back now. lol have a great time at the wedding and congrats to the happy couple

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  2. SMiLes.. yeS.. so trUe
    thE poet IS A UniVersal
    Tree.. and iN woRds
    wiTh Whitman
    tHe greaTest Lover
    aS God oF Nature
    IS A poEt
    wHo LoVes
    iT aLL SinGinG
    A Tree of Love
    for LiFe
    NeVer enDs..
    beGins.. staRts
    oR finisheS noW..
    aNd thAT mY
    friEnd IS A
    tRUe iN noW
    prophecy bY WhiTman
    come to FruiTioN reAL noW
    foR A patHway iS noW mAde
    for those who enter heaVen iN RefRain
    It iS Built
    foR hE iS uS
    iN FiEldS of DreAMs..
    aNd i/mE wHeN
    wE See
    Love iN
    oF aN

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