The Solitude of Green

It is never lonely in our garden; there is no despair or desolation, just the solitude of green. Even in winter, I am embraced by green: the bending of the grass to my feet; the fresh shoots of snowdrop and daffodil braving the frost and ice; the murmuring of branch and leaf although, at this time of year, the ivy has the greenest leaf; and the ever-present stone gnome, patched with moss, asleep under the willow.

iron ground softens
with the gentle push of green
verdant solitude

Kim M. Russell, 4th February 2019


My haibun for dVerse Poets Pub Haibun Monday: Solitude

I’m hosting the haibun at the dverse Poets Pub this Monday, where we are writing about solitude, inspired by an article about Hermann Hesse I read in Maria Popova’s Brain Pickings.

39 thoughts on “The Solitude of Green

  1. A lovely illustration of your prompt; thanks for hosting. Years ago I wrote a long poem entitled GREEN. My last line was /the road to hell is stained red, not green/. Love your haiku.

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  2. a lovely green winter garden, ice not just on white, a pretty picture for me Kim. I had a fair share of those while out walking in Maryland, the stunning colour of life that green brings against the cold winds, quite an overwhelming sensation for someone from the equator. green creates a space for solitude i do so agree

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    1. That must have been a huge shock to the system at first, Adriana, moving from Mexico to Norway! It’s cold enough in the UK but Norway is much further north. A beautiful country and lovely people – and very green in the summer. :).

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