At this Moment

I’m sitting in my study in front of my laptop, Filofax and paperwork littering the desktop. In the background, The Archers is on the radio, otherwise the house is still, my only company Mojo, the little green-eyed cat, scrutinising every move I make, her pink nose pushing at my hand,  urging me to take a […]

Outstaying our Welcome

“You are a guest of nature” (Hundertwasser) boots crush vernal grass and clover barley heads droop the once living quilt of meadow has shrivelled up and died and the earth shivers with fear as the sun climbs ever higher above the blasted pasture of the biosphere while humans bandy words like ‘zero tolerance’ they neglect […]

The Weight of a Butterfly

waterweed floating away, despite the butterfly’s weight on it          Chiyo-Ni (Tr. Ueda) sheen of sunlight on its wings spectacular swallowtail               Kim M. Russell, 7th February 2019 My response to Carpe Diem #1601 Tan Renga Challenge Month 2019 (5) the weight of a butterfly In a new episode of the Tan Renga Challenge month, we have […]