At this Moment

I’m sitting in my study in front of my laptop,
Filofax and paperwork littering the desktop.
In the background, The Archers is on the radio,
otherwise the house is still, my only company Mojo,
the little green-eyed cat, scrutinising every move I make,
her pink nose pushing at my hand,  urging me to take a break.
It’s chilly in my study, there’s very little heat,
my fingers are stiff with cold and so are my feet.
White light from the reading lamp slices through shadows,
illuminating words and lines as I begin to compose
a poem about this very moment in time,
a moment preserved in musicality and rhyme.

Kim M. Russell, 7th February 2019

At this moment

My response to Imaginary garden with Real Toads Thursday:  Finding a Moment

Karin is our host this Thursday. She would like us to write about the moment in which we are sitting down (or standing up) to compose our poems, ideally in rhyme or meter, with some element of musicality. 

She says that we can write the merest impression of this moment or we can tell its fuller story, and that this impression or story can include other moments: moments which led to this moment, that come to mind in this moment or what feels absolutely present right now.

27 thoughts on “At this Moment

  1. Nice rundown, Kim. I am sorry to hear of the chilly study but I’m thinking a robe helps that. Our daughter is in London, working, for the next two weeks. She said it has warmed and things are really nice there now. Good you have Mojo, she seems to be a pleasant companion. I too write but generally not with the laptop, but rather my Smart Phone Android. I may come back to polish and perhaps add a photo or two.
    Thank you for sharing, you followed instructions to the letter. I wrote what I was thinking but branched from there. Basically though, it is all true. Before Adi, my Beagle dog, died she would always be real close when I was writing.

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    1. Thank you, Viv. Mojo has been with me throughout the night, mostly sleeping on my hip or feet, and is back on the desk beside me this morning, my constant companion! She has to go in to have a tooth out soon and I’m so worried about the anaesthetic, which the vet assures me will be fine. I also worry about her waking up in a strange place and being in pain. It has to be done before I go down to Ellen’s, otherwise she’ll be alone all day when she is recovering.

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  2. Nice scan of the moment before the poem, the background dross of creation — a space of the ordinary, how could it be the gate to wonder? Yet is is, and that final couplet tells us that a door has been opened. (PS, What a fortuitously named cat. She rubs up and poems purr!)

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