Enjoyment Fusion and Troiku

tepid rain shower
mingling with warm pool ripples
sun sparkles on skin

tepid rain shower
releases petrichor scent
dusty afternoon

mingling with warm pool ripples
not a breath of breeze
early leaf fall floats

sun sparkles on skin
emerging from deep water
sudden splash of light

Kim M. Russell, 18th July 2019

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My response to Carpe Diem #1705 enjoyment … a modern summer kigo

Today we have some Vivaldi with our challenge, which was a lovely background as I wrote my fusion haiku and troiku. The theme is ‘enjoyment’ and the haiku we are using to create a new fusion haiku are by Jane Reichhold – making this a Crossroads episode:

outdoor shower
bathed in sun colors
of hot water

slipping into the pool
naked divides the night
sun-warmed waters

Jane Reichhold (from her modern saijiki, A Dictionary of Haiku”)

8 thoughts on “Enjoyment Fusion and Troiku

  1. I like the feeling, that mid summer heaviness of heat – and heated water, and the slow tumble of the few leaves that lose their muster and succumb …
    you’ve captured that essence really well Kim 🙂 in your fusion and troiku

    (and just to be clear – the series is great, but I don’t actually like dipping into tepid pool/stream/lake water – LOL)

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