Too Late for Blackberries

This year I missed the clusters,
drupelets of ruby and jet
that glowed with autumn lustre
and others unripe as yet.
I was too busy being a poet
caught in imaginative rambles
to pick sweet fruit from brambles.

Kim M. Russell, 2017


My response to dVerse Poets Pub Form for All — Chaucerian Stanza or Rhyme Royal

Frank is looking after the bar today and the form he has chosen is the Chaucerian stanza or rhyme royal. The form consists of seven metrical lines with the rhyme pattern ababbcc. A metrical line has a pattern of accents that seem repetitive both within the line and between the other lines of the poem. Although poets often use iambic pentameter any meter is acceptable.

Frank would like us to write seven lines that are close enough to count as rhyme royal. We can write multiple stanzas, but he’s asked us to limit the stanzas to no more than three for this challenge.

35 thoughts on “Too Late for Blackberries

    1. Thank you, Jane! I’m going to disappear – I’ve been on this laptop far too long and my eyes are sore. I’ll be back in the morning to read – I’ll be able to see much better. 😉


  1. Smiling I am, Kim. Sitting here trying to catch up reading Thursday’s posts, not having written today’s haibun with PT exercises and knitting Christmas gifts occupying my time. Somehow, I must remember to pick the sweet fruit….I’m reading this metaphorically and chuckling at how, even when rejuvenated (retired is not in my vocabulary even though I just now printed it) there doesn’t seem to be enough hours in the day!

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    1. I am having the same problem! I must start knitting a few things for the expected grandchild – due in March but I haven’t knitted in a long time and it will be slow going to start with!

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