Rescued from Mist and Fog

Unearthly shapes drifted like ghosts, crawled from the sea along the coast, crept along ditches, streams and rivers, unravelling with damp clouds of shivers. They entwined their foggy limbs with mine, misting my sight and nibbling my skin, dissolving my bones as they made a start on feet and legs, then up to my heart. […]

Whisper of Weather

Fog obscures the path, Whispering smoke Among naked trees, Drawing everything Into its grey embrace. Dogs and walkers loom, Then fade and disappear Into its muffled eeriness. I walk on and brush away The damp and chilly trace Of foggy fingers from my face. Kim M. Russell, 2017 Image by David Russell My response to dVerse […]

A Foggy Christmas Eve

On the eve of Christmas, fog and darkness clotted, carriage horses plodded, following disembodied flares down narrow streets. On the eve of Christmas, ancient church bells muttered as first snowflakes fluttered, and invisibly stuttered out the hours in muffled beats. On the eve of Christmas, with baubles and overpriced dolls, drums and sugar mice bright […]