Whisper of Weather

Fog obscures the path,
Whispering smoke
Among naked trees,
Drawing everything
Into its grey embrace.
Dogs and walkers loom,
Then fade and disappear
Into its muffled eeriness.
I walk on and brush away
The damp and chilly trace
Of foggy fingers from my face.

Kim M. Russell, 2017


Image by David Russell

My response to dVerse Poets Pub Quadrille

This Monday, De is our host and she has chosen the word ‘whisper’ to include in our 44-word gems.She wants us to softly sneak  it in . Or shout it. Noun it. Verb it. Slip it an extra letter or two to make it an adjective or adverb: whispered, whispery, whispering, whisperingly (bonus points if we can make that last one sound good, ever.) And she loves a well-placed hyphen, should we want to play around with it a little.

I absolutely love the quote she shared and have to share it again:


56 thoughts on “Whisper of Weather

    1. I think you have to love fog up here on the North Norfolk coast – we get so much of it. I always have loved a foggy day. At the moment, it is comforting to feel traces of foggy fingers. Thank you for your understanding, Victoria

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  1. The whole thing is so beautiful. Eerie, but enchanting.

    This, though, is my favorite section:
    “Whispering smoke
    Among naked trees,
    Drawing everything
    Into its grey embrace”

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    1. Thank you Marina Sofia! I just love weather, especially fog. It’s free entertainment and there’s always plenty of it up here on the North Norfolk coast. We even have our own little weather fronts. The other day it was snowing only a few miles away and we had a some misty sunshine here!

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      1. Truly and most humbly, if this is correct term, execution of the terms, Your work is Outstanding -with all the crap’ and other’ questionable writings out in this world alas, there is too much crap’ – I have no problems or hesitations of any kind to point the Best and Most Encouraging, Memorable, Positive and Phenomenal Writings out there. Time and time again, I state wholeheartedly Kim that you are a Fantastic Writer. Never let anyone discourage you or allow you to believe otherwise. (@–>–)

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