Listen to the storm! It speaks in tongues
through a mouthful of leaves and windfall
cores, a drunken lilt in its gale of a song.

Listen to the storm! The tutting rain
is gossiping through the windowpane
in a language you will never tame.

Listen to the storm! In the lingering draught
down the chimney, from the windowsill
and under the door, it’s whispering still.

Kim M. Russell, 27th September 2020

Image by Khamkéo Vilaysing on Unsplash

A poem for Poets and Storytellers United Writers’ Pantry #39: Plums and feathers

I’ve been listening to the storm since Thursday night. It took our power on Friday afternoon, but we were lucky to get it back that night, while other households in our area had to wait. The wind is still kicking up and the rain persists. Autumn is well and truly here.

36 thoughts on “Glossolalia

  1. Hearing a storm like that I’d like to think I was tucked up in bed safe with no worries about the house standing firm! Luckily my experiences with gales and storms have never been that serious…so far!

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  2. Tonight (MAYbe) there will be some sprinkling, but we’re gonna hafta get lots more liquid to turn around the drought we’re in. I could go for summa yer storm, KR.

    like the song says: Rain On Me.

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    1. Thank you, Gillena, I’m waiting for roofers to repair our roof – they should have been here by now. Waiting for them is distracting me from writing this morning.


  3. Sometimes, it is so much more comfortable to turn blind eyes and deaf ears to the storm. The whispers and songs just howl so threateningly at times. But your poem is correct, one must listen to the stormy chaos–even when it’s quite scary–the alternative is getting lost. And as romantic and appealing as such adventure might sound, howling storms are rarely enjoyable (or particularly safe, if one doesn’t hear all the steps in it).

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    1. The storm this weekend was scary, it brought down so many branches and trees, made roads impassable, and cut power and telephone lines. It went through distinct stages, ending this morning with a whisper. We actually had some sunshine this afternoon!

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