An Easter Love Sonnet

Yours is the face I see when I awake,
its slumber-toasted skin is pillow-creased,
a welcome comfort to the nightmare ache
from which I have been recently released.

You stir – and in that moment I must smile,
the naked truth of your expression slays
my fragile heart and I must sit a while
pondering fond memories of days

and nights we spent together in our bed,
enjoying youth and freedom from all cares.
I snuggle up against you, kiss your head –
your lips find mine and take me unawares.

We may have lost the vigour of our prime
but you’re my love, and love’s not bound by time.

Kim M. Russell, 9th April 2023

Image by Annie Spratt on Unsplash

It’s Easter Sunday, the ninth day of NaPoWriMo and, after yesterday’s ‘Twenty Projects’, today’s prompt is a welcome one! Our challenge is to write in what is probably the most robust poetic form in English: a sonnet. We may incorporate tradition as much or as little as we like – while keeping in general to the theme of love.


26 thoughts on “An Easter Love Sonnet

  1. This was so beautiful to read. It felt like sun’s first rays — soft and hopeful. Love this…’its slumber-toasted skin is pillow-creased,’

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  2. Wanna know something? We have similar titles today. 😉 I like that.

    Shakespearean Sonnets are all I’d ever written, until today. It was fun after the hallucinations in that vortex yesterday. 😮‍💨
    Your sonnet is splendid. Love is a wonderful gift. May everyone experience love. Thanks for sharing. Blessings.

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