Holding up the Sky

They fill the earth with seeds and song,their bones and wings need to be strongto bear the responsibility of holding up the sky. They flock above the farmer’s plough,they watch us as we plant and sow,from their aspect up on highwhile they are holding up the sky. The smallest hummingbirds and wrensmake us smile, and […]

Feathered Sedoka

juvenile magpie still unpractised in flying squats under the willow tree little kingfisher flashes turquoise upriver an accomplished acrobat Kim M. Russell, 4th August 2019   My response to Carpe Diem Weekend Meditation #96 Little Ones: Sedoka In the first weekend meditation of August 2019, our challenge is to create a different kind of Japanese […]

Screaming in Spring

At crack of sparrow bone,the dawn chorus begins. I moanwhen winged visitors make city spirits soar:birds madly squabbling for a morselfallenfrom the feeder is less a roarand more a scream.Diligent blackbirds turn over voluminous deadleaves by the shedand a robin settles on the narrowchain fence, all atrembleat the zenosyne advance of spring overmorrow. Kim M. Russell, […]

Garden Guests

Dawn quietude is rippling with the ecstatic chortling of birds, some overjoyed that last year’s nest survived the winter, others splatting mud and leaves, building new nests in trees and under eaves in a frenetic festival of spring. By July, nests have exploded, their broods unloaded into the summer sky, without a goodbye they are […]

A Walk In the Wild Garden

My response to Imaginary Garden with Real Toads Weeds in the Garden   Since spring, blackbirds have been singing At dawn and dusk, squabbling and serenading; Exhausted now, the garden is quite still, Except for occasional echoes of a silvery trill. Underfoot the earth is soaked, In my garden trees and shrubs are cloaked With […]