A Choir of Birds

peaceful choir of birds
a multitude of species
singing together

Kim M. Russell, 2016


Concert Of Birds by Frans Snijders – image found on fineartamerica.com

My response to Carpe Diem Seven Days Before Christmas 2016 #6 meditation

Today Chèvrefeuille is reflecting on peace and the pain of the recent terror attack in Berlin. He says that the Christmas symbols of peace and love will be different forever. He asks why religions clash with each other, seeing as they all believe in a supreme being who will lead them to salvation – the only difference is the path they walk. I agree when he says that religions have to respect other ideas and dogmas; they certainly cannot discipline people who think and belief differently. He suggests a World Religion based on unconditional love without being disrespectful to those who believe in a different way; a religion based on unconditional love can spread that love and that love can be a wave, that wave can bring peace to the world.

without exceptions built in
live agape

© Chèvrefeuille

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