They named you Casper, friendly little ghost discovered off the Hawaiian coast, hula dancing and egg laying among the stems of dead sponges manganese-anchored to the muddy ocean floor, which you colonise and clean, digging among minerals. How could you know how valuable and dangerous your high-tech metal farm could be, so remarkably deep under […]

Birth of an Ice Cloud

Ice clouds are born as crystals created from water vapour attracted to individual small atmospheric particles: a microbe or volcanic ash, pehaps. The process known as ice nucleation is the formation of wispy cirrus clouds that hang where temperatures are low and humidity is high in an otherwise clear sky. Kim M. Russell, 2016 Image […]

A Foggy Christmas Eve

On the eve of Christmas, fog and darkness clotted, carriage horses plodded, following disembodied flares down narrow streets. On the eve of Christmas, ancient church bells muttered as first snowflakes fluttered, and invisibly stuttered out the hours in muffled beats. On the eve of Christmas, with baubles and overpriced dolls, drums and sugar mice bright […]