Screaming in Spring

At crack of sparrow bone,
the dawn chorus begins. I moan
when winged visitors make city spirits soar:
birds madly squabbling for a morsel
from the feeder is less a roar
and more a scream.
Diligent blackbirds turn over voluminous dead
leaves by the shed
and a robin settles on the narrow
chain fence, all atremble
at the zenosyne advance of spring overmorrow.

Kim M. Russell, 2017

Week 142.png

My response to Mindlovemisery’s Menagerie Wordle #142 “February 13th, 2017”, also linked to earthweal open link weekend #55

19 thoughts on “Screaming in Spring

  1. There is — or was — that certain time when waking birds was a cacophony. The feral sharpness of those beaks is captured so well here. In my suburb, those sounds are fading, occasional, as bird populations continue to die off in the Anthropocene. But its good to remember that nature is to be loved and feared. Good work Kim. (PS my mother passed in early Feb. two years ago) – Brendan

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