Gnats perform a ghostly slow gavotte, gathering like clouds in shafts of light, weaving, willowing wisps of curling smoke, drifting upwards and into the night: gathering, merging and dissipating, solemnly they join the twilight dance, fickle vampires flirting, mating, malign miasma of the Renaissance. Kim M. Russell, 2017 A swarm of gnats. Photograph: Martin Siepmann/Alamy […]

Screaming in Spring

At crack of sparrow bone,the dawn chorus begins. I moanwhen winged visitors make city spirits soar:birds madly squabbling for a morselfallenfrom the feeder is less a roarand more a scream.Diligent blackbirds turn over voluminous deadleaves by the shedand a robin settles on the narrowchain fence, all atrembleat the zenosyne advance of spring overmorrow. Kim M. Russell, […]