Fading Photographs

I have an ornate cardboard box, quite large, with lid and metal handle, stuffed to overflowing with tangible memories, crackling paper photographs. I treasure most the black and white that echo with my mother’s laugh, when her eyes were wide and bright, her skin was smooth and her hair was soft, when she could lift […]

Spitting Feathers

Between shingle beach and salty lagoon, marsh and reed bed, feathered spirits, soul-anchored by ponderous words, observe migrating birds and hanker to be free. They long to sweep above thorny thistles, dart after insects in the air, glittering lightning across fields and down lanes, breaking over towns and villages like waves. Petrochemicals of centuries clog […]

Immersion in an Onsen

cyprus tub beckons with a curled finger of steam fragrance of forest steam flowers in clouds slipping into onsen depths shiny skin puckers Kim M. Russell, 2017 Morning at the Nozawa Onsen, Shinsui Province by Kasamatsu Shiro (1933) – image found on Pinterest My response to Carpe Diem #1164 Onsen the hot springs of Japan […]