All the waves in the world
crash on canopies
of trees,
words lift from their leaves,
the air a drench
of citrus
and jasmine
amid the tumult storm,
a slow spring tide
of rising seas
in sacred landscapes,
heard in songs of ghosts.

Kim M. Russell (and Brendan) , 29th March 2021

ocean waves during daytime

My response to earthweal weekly challenge: Turning Points (Chthulucene Squiggles)

Brendan has presented us with an essay ths week about turning points and asks us to think and write about the turning point that gets us out of this labyrinth of fated humanity. He says that there is poetry for this, ‘ripe with turning points, gazing at the portals of possibility beyond’. He invites us to take off our shoes and jump in the mudpuddle: What does our reading and writing and walking and listening say to us?

I found a poem in Brendan’s essay.

Image by Connor Dugan on Unsplash

19 thoughts on “Rhythms

  1. How appropriate that you found this poem in Brendan’s essay. I hear a mournful song. I hope there will be more left behind than ‘songs of ghosts’ but who knows right now?

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