Curious Beneath the Stars

a skyful of stars,
we are curious
about the universe,
birth and death.
that a star’s last breath
isn’t just a cloud
of stardust and gas;
it’s attracted to other
stellar souls in nebulae,
and bright new stars
are born. How curious!

Kim M. Russell, 31st May 2021

stellar nursery - Wiktionary

Image found on Wiktionary

My response to dVerse Poets Pub Quadrille Monday: A Curiosity of Poems

This Monday our host is De, aka WhimsyGizmo, piquing our poetic curiosity with a prompt for the Quadrille, a poem of exactly 44 words, not counting the title, and including one word we provide.

For this week’s poem, De asks us to take any forms of the word curiosity and plant them firmly in our pieces, and even offers a little inspiration from Alice.

45 thoughts on “Curious Beneath the Stars

  1. “it was the hexagram of the heavens, it was the strings of my guitar. Amelia, it was just a false alarm.” Love me some Joni too. Lots of stargazers out here tonight; the eternal questions.

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  2. This is beautiful and to me touching. Makes me remember being on the outskirts of the Sahara desert, lying on my back for hours just watching the myriad of visible stars. Thinking about life, death and rebirth of both stars and souls.

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    1. Thank you so much, Helene. When I first moved to the North Norfolk coast from London, I was amazed at all the stars. You can’t see them above London but up here there are no street lights. But to see the stars above the Sahara – wow!


  3. Very, very beautiful. I love how you delve into the loop of birth and death, especially with the stars. It’s stirring especially with the final few thoughts; it triggers itself a perpetual curiosity about the galaxy, life, and the universe. So many thoughts and philosophy about the cycle of life-death-birth, so much to search for in the stars.

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