Spring Clean or Another Poem?

Do I really want to bother with housework today? I would really much rather sit down here and play with words on the computer than soap up a lather in a bucket or the washing machine. I’d rather write poems than make everything clean! Kim M. Russell, 19th April 2021 Image found on dreamstime.com My […]

Throw Away Planet

We dream of fishing for stars in the oceanbut, in the cold light of day,there are more micro-plastics in the seathan stars in the milky way. Whole constellations and shoals of fishare caught in the rainbow sprayof detritus uncoiling like whales’ intestinesand landing on every beach and bay. Human’s packaging and discarded netsare evils against […]

It’s all Rubbish

I walk along flowering lanes flanked by hawthorn and gorse, and a car roars by at break-neck speed leaving a cloud of exhaust, and in the ditch they’ve chucked a pile of cigarette butts and, even worse, the remains of fast-food breakfast, plastic packaging and a dirty nappy; obviously, the child’s meal with plastic toy didn’t […]