Snow Globe Episode 5

“I love my snow globe,” he said, a smile on his face and a blush on each cheek. “I’ll put it on my bedside cabinet so I can see it before I go to sleep and when I wake up. The other boys in my dorm will all want one.”

“Don’t let anyone break it, Will. It might be best to keep it inside the cabinet and only take it out when you want to look at it.”

When she dropped Will off at her ex-brother-in-law’s house for a week with his cousins before school began again, she realised how painful it was for her to leave him, that she had been homesick, bored with editing talentless rich authors with a poor command of the English language and colleagues who raved about inane books. She was not happy in New York.

After a tense flight and an unenthusiastic welcome from Mitch, she eased herself back into life in the city that never sleeps and found that her sleep was also non-existent. Every time she closed her eyes, Will’s eyes stared back at her. She was edgy, snapped at colleagues, and turned away from Mitch, although she never blamed him for the way she felt. Maybe, she thought, she should talk to him about moving back to England – or bringing Will to live in New York. But Mitch flatly refused to leave New York, and he was not keen on Will living with them either.

“This apartment is unsuitable for a young child,” he said. “I have valuable rugs and paintings, and who would look after him while you’re at work or when we have functions to attend?”

“We have a housekeeper,” Rosanna replied.

“I wouldn’t want to give Hannah that kind of responsibility. Anyway, he’s your son, not mine.”

“We could look for a brownstone and made it cosy and child-friendly.”

The look Mitch gave her was enough. A chill ran through her veins like quicksilver dropping in an old-fashioned thermometer.

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30 thoughts on “Snow Globe Episode 5

  1. KIm, this is intriguing, especially as there is a real sense of mystery conjured here about where this migt be going… I must now first catch up with the earlier episodes!

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  2. “He’s your son, not mine,” says it all if it stops there. The next word out of his mouth should be, “But…” And if it isn’t, he’s not the right man.

    I’m dying for the next Episode , KR.

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  3. I think that I just called Mitch every horrible name I can think of, and still I don’t think it’s enough. That man needs a universal smacking. What a lost of space and oxygen. Rosanna is a very patient woman. I don’t think I could ever spend 5 minutes in the same room with not-so-dear Mitch, without breaking his jaw.

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  4. Feels like she is not comfortable in the relationship than in the city. I liked the line “A chill ran through her veins like quicksilver dropping in an old-fashioned thermometer.” Looks like the end of the relationship unless something changes.

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  5. As soon as she heard “he’s your son, not mine,” she should have picked up her bag and been gone! He’s not happy with her. He’s not happy she has a child. She’s not happy in her job. She’s not happy with where she lives. She’s not happy apart from her son. Just what is she staying for? I have to guess though, she knew what he was like before she moved in.

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  6. No brownstone for this guy, I’d ditch him taking some of his wealth with him. And get my kid back. Nice reading, Kim. I think I’ve mentioned my next youngest granddaughter’s snow globe collection back when she was Mitch’s age.

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    1. Thank you, Jim. I bought my daughter a Christmas snow globe that plays a tune twenty years ago, the only time I visited New York, before they weren’t allowed on flights. She still has it. I have a very small one with a beach hut from Southwold in Suffolk.


  7. Great story Loved the simile “quicksilver dropping in an old-fashioned thermometer” I think Rosanna should drop Mitch altogether. He cares more about stuff than of people.

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