Fan Mail

Letter to Klimt (from a devoted fan)

Dear Gustav,
This is my final letter to you.
So unconventional,
so talented, and all
you send me are postcards.
I explored your imagery,
learned your language,
but I can never comprehend
the erotic depths of your mind,
where Eumenides watch a condemned
man’s punishment in a sea monster’s embrace.

Postcard from Klimt (unsigned)

I write not in words sea-sick on a page
but paint with damp brush on warm canvas.
To you I send a postcard portrait from the poplars,
beech forests and the shores of the lake,
behind the complex wall of colour
that shields the artist from the boisterous world.

Kim M. Russell, 11th April 2021


Another Postcard from Klimt

Postcard of Gustav Klimt Im Garten seines Ateliers by Moritz Nähr 1910, produced by EDITION SKYE Wien

My response to NaPoWriMo Day Eleven

Today’s challenge is to write a two-part poem, in the form of an exchange of letters. The first stanza (or part) should be in the form of a letter either to ourselves or to a famous fictional or historical person. The second part should be the letter we receive in response.

9 thoughts on “Fan Mail

    1. Thank you, Ron! I love everything by Klimt and have seen much of his work up close in Vienna. He was not only an amazing artist but also very good-looking and charismatic. A great time and place to time-travel to.


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