No more dancing

I touch the computer screen,
give you a virtual hug,
shrinking the miles with smiles.
Remember when I’d turn up the music
and we’d dance,
your child’s feet on mine?
No close dancing now.
I’m condemned
to dance alone
with too much space between.

Kim M. Russell, 6th March 2020

My response to dVerse Poets Pub Quadrille: What’s neither closed nor cancelled? Poetry 

De is hosting the Quadrille this Monday and the word is ‘close’.

64 thoughts on “No more dancing

    1. After three weeks, I’m getting used to the isolation and enjoying the peace and quiet. I’ve also noticed less spam in my email. But I do miss my voluntary work, which was my only contact even before the lockdown.


      1. It’s always very quiet here, but at the moment it’s silent except for the birds and wildlife. Even on Sunday no one, but no one walked past on the lane, and it was a beautiful hot afternoon.

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  1. Virtual hugs, virtual love–better than snail mail or texting, but we need to get over this hump and get some skin in the game.

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  2. What a bittersweet post, Kim. This distancing has changed our lives in so many ways and no matter who you speak to, far and wide, it’s affecting us all. I haven’t seen (or touched) my granddaughters in weeks now…it’s hard.

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    1. Thank you, Gayle. It is hard, and this pandemic spread so quickly, we didn’t have the chance to think carefully about the practicalities – or lack of them.


    1. My son-in-law is working from home now, so Ellen has seemed more relaxed on our video chats. I feel deeply for people who live on their own.


    1. Yes, for all the problems, it’s the only thing that connects some people. I so look forward to my daily video chats with my daughter and grandson.


  3. Oh this is so sad. Grandparents unable to be with their grandkids other than on a computer or phone screen. Yes….so many of us in that situation. What a surreal world we live in. May we be closer to our loved ones soon!

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