The Silliness of Cherry Blossom

Let’s take a moment to consider
the seriousness of apple blossom,
its fragrance and its durability.
compared to ephemeral and silly
blossoms of the flirty cherry,
flashing her delicate pink frilly
blooms and dropping them
like spring wedding confetti
from a fruitless ornamental tree.

Kim M. Russell, 4th May 2020

My response to dVerse Poets Pub Quadrille Monday: Lighten up a bit!

Lillian is our host for this Monday’s Quadrille, and she insists on being silly!

42 thoughts on “The Silliness of Cherry Blossom

  1. This is JUST PERFECT, Kim! When we spent a May in a rental house a few years ago, in Washington DC, there were two HUGE cherry blossom trees in the back yard. When there was a breeze, we had the most ethereal and beautifully delicate pink petal rain…..oh yes. The apple blossom is most definitely more serious and hefty – a bully of a blossom perhaps? 🙂 In comparison to that slight beauty of the cherry blossom. You nailed the comparison here!

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    1. Our ornamental cherry has spread it’s branches so wide it’s touching the roof and has almost got as far as our rotary washing line, while the apple trees don’t seem to grow but produce apples.


  2. I’m in love with Flirty Cherry. Don’t actual cherry fruit trees have blossoms too? Our Tulip tree only blossoms pink and bright for a few days as well.

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    1. Thanks Glenn! Yes, cherry trees all have blossom. When I lived just outside Cologne, there was a fruiting cherry outside my window. It was a pain when the blossom blew in through my window, but I could reach out and pick cherries from the branch. 🙂


  3. This is wonderful. I like how the first line starts out with a serious tone then changes.
    Oh that,
    “flirty cherry,
    flashing her delicate pink frilly
    She is so bold in her showing.

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    1. Thank you, Sascha, you’ve uncovered my cunning plan. I changed ‘pink frillies’ to ‘pink frilly blossom’ in case it looked rude!


  4. Don’t diss the apple blossom! We’ve had so much this year – it’s glorious. However, I love the idea of cherry blossom being frivolous – you’re right – that explosion of pink (and it’s glorious, but not a “tasteful” pink) – I love it! We had an ornamental cherry tree when I was a child, and it always flowered for my birthday, so I thought of it as mine. Down here they flower earlier, are usually past their best by the time my birthday comes round, but I still love seeing them.

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    1. I actually prefer the apple blossom, Sarah. It lasts longer and while frilly the flowers are more delicate and beautifully shaped. I must admit, I fed up with cherry blossom finding ts way into the house!


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