The Fervour of Fermentation

The seasonal fermentation 
of my October passion 

becomes more fervent,
and I am more observant

as her larder, fully stocked,
is temporarily unlocked:   

piles of acorns underfoot;
hedges full of autumn fruit;

birches seed and conkers brown,
sycamore helicopters tumble down;

and, multiplied by recent rain
that’s made the grasses green again,

hordes of mushrooms sprout.
On most days, when the sun is out,

I stroll to where the horses graze,
thankful for October days.

Kim M. Russell, 11th October 2022

As this Tuesday’s host of the dVerse Poet Pub Poetics, Lisa asks us what’s bubbling? Her question made me think of a witch’s cauldron and I wasn’t far from wrong – the prompt is about fermentation which, according to The American Heritage Dictionary, has nine different definitions. Lisa has given us a few together with a list of fermented foods. I admit there were a few I didn’t know and had to look up.

Our challenge is to write a poem that uses any of the definitions, examples, images, or applications of fermentation that inspires us. I took inspiration from three definitions: the state of being in high activity or commotion; the process of undergoing an effervescent change; and a state of agitation or excitement, as of the intellect or the feelings.

Lisa says that there are no form, rhyme, or subject constraints in this prompt challenge – all she asks is that we have fun with it!


27 thoughts on “The Fervour of Fermentation

  1. Love that seasonal fermentation and your imagery of the fall season. Your mention of Sycamore helicopters made me smile remembering “flying” those with my children. We had two large Sycamore trees in front of our house. 🙂 Thanks for the memories, my friend!

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    1. I used to love making little people out of acorns, but it’s more fun with a child – and there are acorns, acorns everywhere! I always greet all the horses, but I have three favourites: Coco, little Rosie the ginger pony, and the friendly piebald whose name I don’t know but she comes to the gate when I click my tongue and call her. She ‘s a nuzzler.


  2. Kim, this is superb! Autumn, which I love, tumbled all’round as I read your wonderful piece here. Thank you my friend, you made me very happy! 🙂✌🏼❤️

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    1. Thank you, Dwight. One of my favourite things as a child. Apparently, if you have conkers in your house, they keep spiders at bay. I haven’t tried it because I like spiders – they keep flies at bay!

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