Snow Globe Episode 11

Rosanna found a job editing with a British publisher and worked mainly from home. Mrs Allen stayed on and they became close friends, feeding off each other’s stories about Will. Sabrina visited every day and encouraged Rosanna to accompany her to coffee mornings with a group of friends, and soon she felt ready to tackle […]

To-Do List Before Painting Self Portrait with Bandaged Ear

Explore the brushstrokes on the print pinned to the wall.Paint it into the background of the latest self portrait.Don’t forget the most important thing of all – locate the pawnbroker’s ticket for your thick winter coat.Ask Theo for money for brushes and tubes of paint:Prussian blue, emerald, chrome yellow and vermillion.Gather kindling and logs – […]

Ode to Dylan Thomas

You did not go gentle through your life, knocked hard for flesh to let you enter, soul-shaken by your mother and your wife, thistledown-free and unafraid of winter. You, self-confessed gusty man and a half, languished in whisky and bitter-sweet ale, like the Dewi singing, ready with a laugh and a rhyme like a spouting […]

Harebrained from Hawthorn

Hawthorn blossoms in a crashing wave,splashing over verges and hedges,scenting the village with its pungent aftershave. Splashing over verges and hedges,spring rain drips between the flowers,washes dust and rubbish from the edges. Spring rain drips between the flowers,distilling a heady vernal love potion,intoxicating twilight hours. Distilling a heady vernal love potion,spring makes its way through […]

Out of Breath

Orion tightened his belt,just a few notches, adjusted weapons and pelt,eager to continue the chase,shooting stars through space.Out of breath and fading yellow.Leo roared, and Taurus bellowed,Capricorn pawed black holesin the atmosphere,ready to run and full of fear.The cosmic hunt was on,all at the mercy of Orion. Kim M. Russell, 13th May 2021 Image found […]