Shimmering Dew

emerald sparkles reflected in morning dew leaves, grass and shamrock Kim M. Russell, 17th March 2019 My response to Carpe Diem Time Glass 2019-02 shimmering dew This weekend we have a new CD Time Glass episode, in which we respond to a haiku, a tanka, a waka, an image or just a word with a […]

Early Spring Landscape

We walk into a landscape where flowers light up verges, they peep between the hedge gaps, adorn churchyards and copses. Where flowers light up verges, the earth is not just greenscape, throughout churchyards and copses a spring colourwash escapes. The earth is not just greenscape, it glows with yellow urges; the spring colourwash escapes and […]

The Point of a Wizard’s Hat

It’s filled with language, thoughts and magic that escape like clouds to the atmosphere. The full moon shudders, she knows how tragic it is for wizards to live in fear. In fear of what, I hear you ask, with power at their fingertips? Fear of fickle fingers pointing, bramble sharp tongues and lies on gossips’ […]