naked branches spangled with light and music tinkling icicles Kim M. Russell, 16th January 2019 My response to Carpe Diem #1585 icicles (tsurara) In today’s episode, we have a classical kigo for late winter: Icicles (tsurara), and two example haiku: yûkaze ya yashiro no tsurara hi no utsuru night wind — the shrine’s icicles reflect […]

A Need to Know Basis

You need to know, I have a fragile muse fashioned from Venetian glass, blown out and close to shattering. Despite that, we climb aboard a gondola and enter the shadow of the Bridge of Sighs, sighing and shivering from the sudden chill. But Venice has its own poetry. The city knows which form to use […]

Apple Blossoms

branches fracture sun in spilling apple blossoms the valley awakes branches fracture sun awash with shiny spangles early morning dew in spilling apple blossoms a bumblebee cavorts with pollen’s sweetness the valley awakes a flood of pastel petals welcoming the day branches fracture sun they finger-paint the dawn sky with smudges of cloud awash with […]