Why Fly?

Why is the fly so bothersome,zooming from a corner of the roomto land upon the kitchen worktop,buzzing – will it ever stop?Why does a fly have no etiquette,using my sandwich as a toilet,spreading diseases everywhere?Why, fly, don’t you carethat most humans think you’re a dirty pest,they squash you flat and make a mess,while I gently […]

The Road to Norfolk

Where would we beif I hadn’t driven the road to Norfolk,to our little cottage by the sea? You might not have left,gone to live with your father,leaving me bereft. You might not have takenyour own long road of experience,acquired a faithful canine. You might not have metthe man who became your partner,friend, lover, father to […]

Play for Me

Backlit by counterpoints of sunlight, your face a harmony of shadows, fingers merge with black and white, release major chords of red and yellow, and mournful minors, grey and blue. They shift between darkness of minus and lightness of plus, shades of you  and me, until a sunbeam, dotted with motes of a melody, breaks […]