The Road to Norfolk

Where would we be
if I hadn’t driven the road to Norfolk,
to our little cottage by the sea?

You might not have left,
gone to live with your father,
leaving me bereft.

You might not have taken
your own long road of experience,
acquired a faithful canine.

You might not have met
the man who became your partner,
friend, lover, father

to the delightful little one,
the boy I love as much as you, my grandson.

Kim M. Russell, 2nd April 2021

My response to NaPoWriMo Day Two

Taking Robert Frost’s ‘The Road Not Taken’ as inspiration, our challenge is to write poems about our own roads not taken – about choices that ‘made all the difference’ and what might have happened if we had made different choices.

15 thoughts on “The Road to Norfolk

  1. I so relate to this. I have paid dearly for some of my choices too. I love the sweet faces in the photo and am glad life circles around and brings back those who at times travel away.

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