Trapeze of Life

Being human is a circus trick, 
    a   t i g h t r o p e   w a l k
  between                          now     
    and                                    then,
        a                                       flourish,
          and back                           again.
             juggling                            swords,
               eating                                fiery words,
                   the highs                           and lows
                     of the                                  flying trapeze,
                       the                                         bearded lady’s  
                          s l o w                                     s t r I p t e a s e,
                              the absurdity                         of a clown,
                                 the audience                         laughing 
                                      while you                            drown
                                          in your                               own 
                                             tears.                                  after 
                                               the                                      final bow,
                                                   remove                            the greasepaint,
                                                        and get the bus home                 alone.

Kim M. Russell, 28th April 2022

As NaPoWriMo 2022 comes to an end, on day 28 we have a favourite form of mine from my teaching days: the concrete poem, in which the lines are shaped in a way that mimics the topic of the poem. I have written quite a few of these, for example ‘Tiny Promises from day 12, and some have even written themselves! I’ve taken an old poem I wrote last March and played around with it.

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