Out of Breath

Orion tightened his belt,
just a few notches,
adjusted weapons and pelt,
eager to continue the chase,
shooting stars through space.
Out of breath and fading yellow.
Leo roared, and Taurus bellowed,
Capricorn pawed black holes
in the atmosphere,
ready to run and full of fear.
The cosmic hunt was on,
all at the mercy of Orion.

Kim M. Russell, 13th May 2021

Private Site | Constellations, Orion constellation, Orion

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My response to Poets and Storytellers United Weekly Scribblings #69: Of the Hunt

Magaly is back with a prompt that was inspired by an exchange overheard in an oncologist’s waiting room, and the troubled look of one of the people involved in it. Our challenge is to write poetry or prose from the point of view of a character or speaker who is hunting, being hunted, or both.

14 thoughts on “Out of Breath

  1. This is glorious! I love seeing this celestial doing their thing, this might be the only sort of war I can ever enjoy–shooting stars and black holes being clawed into being… What fantastic imagery. Also, I love how the tone chants like a spell.

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