Pigs and Pixels

In this February’s issue of Visual Verse, the image is a surprising one, especially for those of us who like piglets. It’s by Tom or Judy Moore, a drawing rather than a photograph, and it was a bit of a challenge to write a poem in the given hour. My poem is on page 16. […]

Early Hues of a New Day (a kyrielle)

At half past five, through the window,ghostly silhouette of willowcasts, shadow-black on dusty grey, the early hues of a new day. A ragged scrap of sky unfoldsin tones of purple blue and goldlike marbled paper tossed away,the early hues of a new day. The liquid taciturnityis rippled by birds’ melodyreleasing as the shadows fraythe early hues […]

Sonnet to an Old Winter Coat

They found love again like a winter coat, Collar up against the chilly weather, Enmeshed fingers pushed deep in a pocket, Facing their final season together. Wearing their coat of many colours, Woven from their last threads of emotion, They remember life as friends and lovers Without the thrill of anticipation. It began in quiet, […]