Pigs and Pixels

In this February’s issue of Visual Verse, the image is a surprising one, especially for those of us who like piglets. It’s by Tom or Judy Moore, a drawing rather than a photograph, and it was a bit of a challenge to write a poem in the given hour. My poem is on page 16. As always, I recommend reading all the poems in the issue but, if you want to go straight to mine, it’s called ‘Pigs and Pixels’.  You can also read my past submissions by clicking on my name.

Linked to dVerse Poets Pub Open Link Night Live.

38 thoughts on “Pigs and Pixels

  1. This is exquisitely drawn, Kim 😀 I especially like; “Now we embellish words with different fonts,emojis, gifs and cute piglet pictures, when there’s a world, a universe we could be exploring.”💝💝

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  2. Yeaah, it’s a really cool piece, KR, nose rings and all. And you’re in some good company facing pages with Jane D. I’ll go back & check out the entire volume later… Well done.

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  3. I couldn’t find a link to Visual Verse on your page. I have submitted to them thrice, and been turned down each time. Perhaps my poetics is too rugged and raw for their taste

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  4. The link for Visual Verse is here. It doesn’t show up unless you hover over it. What you could do is change the text color so that folks know it is a link.
    I enjoyed your poem, Kim. I am impressed with your reflection and use of the picture.
    Personally, I got stuck and could not come up with any kind of poetic response to that one.
    Stay warm.

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    1. Thank you so much Ali, and for highlighting the unhighlighted link. They used to change colour automatically. There have been changes on WordPress recently, and I think that’s one of them. I’ll have a look at the links in a bit.

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  5. Yes, pigs must miss their former lives, now strait-jacketed in metal restraints. Really, i dont know how the people who do that can live with themselves.

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  6. Wow, Kim, you said it all! There’s so much in seeing a person themselves rather than through the distance of a screen; there’s a coldness there even with emojis or emoticons. Just isn’t the same, at times. I’ll have to take a look at the entire VV issue. This one looks interesting and you’re in very good company with some amazing poets like Jane, Lynn, and Liyona!

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    1. Thanks Lucy. I’ve been submitting to VV for a long time now, so long that some of my poems have dropped off the end! Some I’m fond of, others not so much. But we only get an hour for 50-500 words and an image that always surprises..

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