Tales of Lake and Sky

This March we have Volume 8 Chapter 5 of Visual Verse, with an image by Stefan Keller. My poem is on page 24. As always, I recommend reading all the poems in the issue but, if you want to go straight to mine, it’s called ‘Tales of Lake and Sky‘.  You can also read my past submissions by clicking on my name.

Linked to  dVerse Poets Pub Open Link Night Live.

30 thoughts on “Tales of Lake and Sky

  1. This is incredibly stunning, Kim 😀 I admire; “Words ripple above and below, uxorious lovers open windows with sonnets and odes to light,” and so loved hearing you read this gem tonight! I agree, we should all write more sonnets 💝💝


  2. A real winner — sometimes a poem depends to much on the image it’s posted with — and the one you selected is arresting — but the poem was better. There’s a divine between-ness here so apropos of the imagination one gifts to a a child. Well done Kim.

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