In the industrial hinterland, stacks belch blue flares, stinking clouds mushroom from smoking fires and orange aureoles radiate and redden the sky of our environmental Armageddon. Will chimneys and factories ever disappear? Will Nature fill the voids of mining year on year? Will a time come when a different kind of steam evaporates across the […]

Winter Apologia

I forgive the winter darknessthat carries deep withinthe unspoken promiseof the electricity of spring.Every dancing snowflake,each frost-muted twig,stows trickles of bird song,brightly budding sprigsof snowdrops, bluebells, cowslipsand wood anemones,and bursts of fragrant blossomin hedgerows and trees. Kim M. Russell, 23rd October 2019 My response to Poets United Midweek Motif: Forgiveness Sumana brings us forgiveness as […]

The Forgiveness of Nature

In metallic forests Of the industrial hinterland Foul stacks loom And belch blue flares, Orange aureoles radiate From steel spires, Stinking clouds mushroom From smoking fires In the poisonous laboratories Of environmental Armageddon. When the chemical onslaught is over, Factories and chimneys will disappear. Nature will return, filling the hollows Formed by mining year on […]